Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Prove It workshop 24

L.I Can I support my ideas with detail? 

On a coldish Monday morning last week at 9 o'clock we were sent to Green Pastures camp for the night. There were a lot of activities that were fun but my favourite was the mud run. We started down a step hill with bumps in it. We had to use a rope to get down and that rope showed us the way. Then there was a mini pool of watery mud. I just jumped into it but it didn't hurt and it was very thin so it wasn't a challenge. After that it was a normal pool of mud it wasn't too high and it wasn't to low like the last one but the very last obstacle was very hard. The mud was thick and the colour was almost a pitch black. It took the raw power of two men to get me out of there. 

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