Monday, 4 July 2016

Reflection T2 W10

What: Last week my class were doing a water experiment. We are going to put it on our blog in the future with the things you need and the steps to do it. We are waiting to see if anything has changed with the experiment. On Friday some of us did an explanation for someones wondering and we were finishing our inquiry water cycle but I had already finished that the week before.

So What: Last week I learnt 4 facts about Matariki. One of them is, we celebrate puanga in Wanganui because we can't see Matariki. 

Now What: Last week my goal was to finish all my work on time I know I have achieved this because all my work is done and I did it on Thursday but my sister who is in another class finishes her work every time on Wednesday. My new goal is to get all my reading tasks done.
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